Santa Has Tattoos Now

My husband, Pete, filling the tree with lights

Is this sight
a skimmed surface
mirage, this dump
of contents mimicking
post hurricane havoc
on my living room floor?

The fleck
of yellows, reds
blues and greens
on wiry ends
a secret code held within
letters A through K
as one by one
the children sort,
form piles
of likened sizes,
branches big and small
(no surprises, I hope
after a year in the garage).

The kids now old enough
to load the broom
handle base, fill the holes
as limb by limb
an assemblage begins.

Pine needles
sway, leave
remnants in a heap
of green beneath the tree,
a winding of white lights
(still your job)
until you’ve had

I prepare the ornaments
for their display, open
boxes marked as fragile~
a scent of cinnamon
lingers, nips the air
with sentimental nostalgia
after all this time…

and Santa has tattoos now,
it’s the thought that counts.

Prompt inspirations-
dVerse Poetics: Preparation is the Key w/ Mary
The Sunday Whirl 84- still, scent, sight, fell, fleck, sway,
load, heap, skimmed, held, end, fill

Yes, we’ve been putting up the Christmas tree… and Santa with tattoos has double meaning, one being that in a movie we saw yesterday, Rise of the Guardians, Santa had tattoos of “naughty” and “nice” on his arms.

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46 responses to “Santa Has Tattoos Now

  1. ha santa has tattooes….i have heard mixed reviews on the movie…always fun though to put up christmas in the house…there is a warm feeling when all can be together…my boys were all about it last week…love the little hint of cinnamon as well…the smell of the season…

  2. Very sensory, really enjoyed this. (As an aside, say “Rise of the Guardians” with my son yesterday, and yes, Santa had tattoos :o)

  3. Ha you know I had to read once I saw the title, and glad I did :)

  4. Ha ha, a modern day Santa would, of course, have tattoo! (smile) Yes, getting the tree organized definitely takes a lot of preparation. I laughed when you said the lights were hubby’s job. Smart woman! Lights are the trickiest part. My tree is up, lights on, no ornaments yet — that will be next week!

  5. A much recognised ritual, we’ll be starting ours soon enough! However we prepare for it, we each have our job to do when it comes to dressing that tree!

  6. I so love this – the photo, the poem, the glimpse of warm family traditions….year after year, oh, the memories we make! I have a teensy tree in my bay window and there is nothing I love more than, when darkness falls, lighting a candle and enjoying the lights.

  7. I have to watch that movie and still my children (and I) are lazy…we are putting up our Christmas tree by next week ~ I like sentimental nostalgia of this ritual ~

  8. Ha! Very charming! It is also so interesting and vivid to me – regional difference – in New York I think we all get real trees – so interesting to hear the specific details of the poem and experience. k.

  9. Haha…. even Santa is keeping up with the times then…tattoos on his arms… daren’t ask… what next!
    We have the pleasure of doing all of this..soon. Lovely poem.

  10. Laurie–this was great–loved the tree assembly as poem, the nip of cinnamon, and the tattooed Santa.

  11. Laurie…you rock…just that simple…and you know you had me hooked from the title!

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  13. Glenn Buttkus

    Laurie, they have marvelous Christmas try spray scents now, and terrific incense that smells like fresh trees; try it. We, too, gave up the workload of putting up a real tree, the fire danger, the ton of real needles at New Years. Alec Baldwin as Santa with tatts, sound uber cool.

  14. jasmine calyx

    I love the sound here:
    “fill the holes
    as limb by limb
    an assemblage begins”

    I dig that your Santa has tattoos. :)

  15. A delightful glimpse of you preparing for the coming holidays. Santa has tattoos, who would have thought? :)

  16. Great family story! I smiled all along. And the tattoos made sense to me too.

  17. I was thinking that kids mistaking Dad for Santa might catch sight of tattoos and know better. :)

  18. Aw … santa has tattoos now … lovely sense of getting ready here, Laurie :)

  19. ha…smiled at the tattoos…haven’t seen the movie though…i always love when a poem has a scent, so much loved the cinnamon scent in yours…

  20. fun remembrance of the yearly seen — better than a snapshot

  21. It is the thought that counts, and your poem is full of thoughts that count. Excellent. Thank you.

  22. What, Christmas tree already…you are prepared! I still hanker after the tradition that coming down on Christmas Day is when you find the tree and house decorated…naturally by the house-elf

  23. The title is awesome, and the write is perfect. I love it. Merry Christmas!

  24. I like that hind of cinnamon…funny how that is, scent can take us right back to a remembered moment!

  25. I love this! It wasn’t until the end that I figured out who had the ‘real’ tats! :)

  26. Nothing like the warm glow of coloured christmas lights :)
    I guess it’s that time already and I am not prepared :(

  27. Yes, it’s time to pull out the boxes and set up the tree. Your poem is a lovely reminder of the feelings that pull through… I love your title.

  28. Nice touch of humor, yes, it’s getting closer, took down the Halloween decorations today, make way for Santa
    (Didn’t notice a beard, either!)

  29. Peggy

    Oh I love this tradition of tree decorating and all the mess it always entails! Bare-foot with love beads, tattoos–hey Santa has to keep up with the times!

  30. Such a wonderful tradition you have created from these words. All the sights and sounds of tree trimming, and like your title as well,


  31. I am delighted that you shared this family ritual, Laurie. I’m beginning to feel Christmassy.

  32. TheOthers1

    I can’t imagine Santa having tattoos, but the naught or nice thing did kind of make me laugh. It sounded like your hall decking was full of Fa La La La Las :)

  33. Laurie, I love the picture you have written here. How nice to have the family altogether for the holidays. Something I will miss this year.


  34. My studio apartment isn’t big enough for Christmas. I loved your wordle.

  35. Laurie, you really brought back memories with this–my sister and I used to put up the artificial tree together–colored paint was on the wires (got a little dicey with wear and tear (what color is that?) Wonderful poem! :-)

  36. Love this, Laurie…all the scents and busy-ness of sorting and assembling coming through. I’m betting there’s a lot more Santas these days with tattoos.

    We put up our tree tonight…a real one though..

  37. yes, I’ve always believed it’s the thought that counts, but even that has a caveat or two, for another time I guess :) I love the visual imagery and sense of movement in this one, and I also get a sense of process throughout the sorting. Great piece.

  38. J Cosmo Newbery

    A tattooed Santa – that is a new and somewhat disturbing thought. I suppose it is OK as long as they are not advertisements for beer or motorbikes. You paint a lovely picture.

  39. Yes, Santa would have tattoos now. A delightfully told Christmas starter.

  40. magicalmysticalteacher

    At least Santa is keeping up with the times! What do those tats look like, I wonder…

    My Whirling Wordle Words

  41. This is so true to life Laurie – I was there! Especially the description of the colour-coded branches … that’s our house these days too. No going to a tree farm to cut down a little pine tree any more I guess … and the tatts? Brilliant.

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