The Teenage Boy

The agitator
agitates me

when the damn
washing machine
comes to life

at first with raps,

like a demon

the spin creates
an outRAGEous
burst, enough
a violent sHaKe.

The heavy-duty


Cycle complete,
No more
agitation. Ahh.


Prompt Inspiration~ dVersePoets MTB: 55-word poem


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34 responses to “The Teenage Boy

  1. Oh, I have had this happen with a washing machine too, Laurie. Scares the heck out of me (and the dogs too). You have described the experience SOOOO well!

  2. Whoop! There is silence in the end… and that is good. Great emphasis as in outrageous and possessed. Well-penned. :-)

  3. Ha.. this is really very good.. exactly like that it used to be.. now we have a new washingmachine…

  4. I am sure lots of us will identify with your poem, Laurie! This can be such a scary moment and yet it is just a washing-machine going funny. Very realistic!

  5. Glenn Buttkus

    This one really jumps off the page, Laurie; both as sonnet & ode to mundane object & terrific 55; love how we poets find poetics within the bosom of everything & everyone around us, and dig the reference to adolescent angst as irritant too.

  6. What’s this kid leaving in his pockets, Laurie? Of course, this old boy bangs the dryer drum with forgotten quarters and pennies. Quite the racket. Loved the spirit and flow of this piece. ~ j

  7. Love the poem, but I’m confused – What does a teenaged boy have to do with it? Maybe I’m just getting too old. Peace, Linda

  8. smiles….i dont mind the music of the washer so much as it walking across the dang floor…ha…it can def get up a racket…and sadly this plays as a metaphor as well…for those that cycle through anger…

  9. This sure reminds me of my 2 teenage boys. I love this metaphor.

  10. oh dang… when things get out of control it can get very scary.. good metaphor laurie

  11. Yep, a perfect picture of teen boys. Enjoy the pauses.

  12. this really worked! Nice – I hope this remark doesn’t agitate you :)

  13. Linda EH

    My washing machine isn’t that bad, but our dishwasher is a beast.

  14. We had these noises until we couldn’t stand it any longer and bought a new one ~ Good one Laurie

  15. Very interesting and unique approach for a poem – I once I had an washing machine that made me feel that it was a propeller and the house was going to take off shortly. Just remembered :)

  16. Really scary machine…

  17. Thanks for the smile. I needed it today. :))

  18. It can shake gyrate and make noises all at the same time. It gets frightening thinking of explosions somehow. It was switched off immediately. Yes it did happen! Nicely Laurie!


  19. Yes, machine problems … I think that you handled this well, I say poetically! I enjoyed this (and related).

  20. I could just feel the agitation here, both physically and mentally. So well-done, how you use not just the word format but also the controlled spacing, select capitalization, and emphasis, to wring the most meaning and emotionality from the few words you have.

  21. Out of control washing machine is like a crazed teenager… nice metaphor!

  22. Seems like a perfect description for a few of the active types in my hs classes. Beautifully detailed!

  23. Boys – Huh! Our washer is in the garage, and is programmed to run at night to use cheap eectricity. Is that why teenage boys turn night into day?

  24. Ah, I totally get this analogy between washing machines and teenagers (boys and girls) – the agitation, discovery of certain functions hitherto unexplored, the sudden calm (or stopping). On my wavelength indeed – I loved it!

  25. Whatever gets shaken loose from my teenage boy’s pockets and my husband’s too, I consider my tip for doing the laundry!

  26. I had a daughter but loved when her friends were over and making a racket. The washing machine? Not so much!

  27. I hate when that happens!

  28. So accurate! I really have expected the washing machine launch into space a time or two.

  29. Those zippers and other clanging things that are part of the clothes can be so irritating…even the hum of the dryer has started bothering me lately as well…then there’s the icemaker….fun and true to form and prompt!

  30. oh, i know that machine:)

  31. Absolutely brilliant! At the moment I live in a place where the kitchen and lounge are open plan and the washing machine is particularly loud. I have often thought it’s like an inconsiderate teenager…!

  32. oh! you said it. they rise, whirl, scream and fall silent…quite a parallel co-existence!! smiles…

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