Darkness in the Light

I drive to your house
for the third time today,
the street a stream of white
hanging from trees

sparser now since Ike and Rita
thinned the town of timbers
reaching to the sky like arms to heaven.

Christmas lights on lawns,
a brilliant path of hope
that passes with each mailbox;
46 from mine to yours.

I’ve grown accustomed
to this way of life now,
taking care of you as much
as time permits

but each morning
when I hear your voice,
I know you’re one day
closer to darkness.


Prompt Inspiration~ dVerse Poetics: Candles & Light

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27 responses to “Darkness in the Light

  1. heavy….the preciseness of knowing the 46 mailboxes…the contrast of hope in the lights and knowing too the day draws nearer….hugs laurie…i know this will not be an easy holiday….but merry christmas

  2. Oh Laurie, this hurts to read.. and that last sentence.. and many hugs from me too.

  3. Oh! Heart-felt writing. Take care!

  4. We are here to listen…and it will be hard…I hope she can listen to her favorite music ..fresh and painful poem but beautiful, too.

  5. Oh I so feel this, Laurie. She must be happy to be back home, at least. So sad “one day closer to darkness.” Life is hard, my friend. I hear you.

  6. Indeed full of sadness but still lingering of love and hope ~ Hugs to you my dear ~ All the best ~

  7. Oh, sad… so cool you’re there

  8. Laurie -brought tears to my eyes – I know and understand. Many hugs and prayers for you, your mom and your family. K

  9. but each morning
    when I hear your voice,
    I know you’re one day
    closer to darkness.

    Sad ending which sometimes are bound to happen. But being aware can get one to try to avoid such happenings. Nicely Laurie! Merry Christmas!


  10. Laurie, you have expressed this so well. And I hear you on a gut level, Laurie, and know your journey is not an easy one. But I just want to also say that after the darkness comes the light…..and the light is forever. Blessings to you and your family at this difficult time.

  11. Glenn Buttkus

    It too often is hard to be philosophical about death, as part of life, as our loved ones experience it; can read books about Bardo, and no fear of death because energy is never destroyed, especially soul-energy-light, it just transfers to another form, another reality/dimension; that death is more, and less, than darkness, that it is transition & not destination; my heart to yours, Laurie.

  12. hugs laurie…that is not an easy time… the counting of mailboxes underlines as well how our days are counted… good that you will be able to celebrate christmas together

  13. A mix of love, hope and foreboding. Sensitively told.

  14. A sad time indeed but, try to enjoy your moments the best you can ..I am wishing you and your family inner peace..the light is still there take comfort
    in that…bright blessings…

  15. Aww, this is so touching. Blessings to your mom. How nice you take care of her in her time of need. Hope you get to spend Christmas together … to light one more candle with her. Hugs.

  16. a beautifully sad poem…so fortunate to be there, and have someone there, at the end.

  17. As are we all. I ike the way you link the lights of Christmas towns to someone you love.

  18. Lovely poem, the sense of time and light fading is excellently done.

  19. Heartlfelt. wish you strength in this journey. Seasons greetings to all at home

  20. I appreciate your words here, Laurie.

  21. Haunting and profound. Beautifully stated.

  22. I can feel the weight of this – you’re doing the right thing. There should be some comfort in that. Sending you prayers to make lighter the way. Much love, Moskowitz

  23. I feel the caring of a parent here, perhaps. The melancholic descent of something that is fading away.

  24. I haven’t been blogging so thought I’d stop by and see how things are. This poem is so heavy, Laurie. You’ve expressed the emotion in such an appropriate way. My thoughts and prayers are with you every day. And I hold out for lightness after this dark time. xo

  25. This is such a very beautiful piece. You have such a deep understanding of life. Through the pain this season may you experience moments of joy. My thoughts and prayers will be with you too. I am sending you a comforting hug.

  26. merry christmas!!!!!
    hope santa was good to you

    and you got that bit of rest last night

    thank you laurie
    for all that you do
    and for you…

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