Blowing Kisses

I’m a bit behind
on matters less important than
the fact that my caress
is met with scarlet cheeks
or morning’s first hello
begets disease, legs
you expect to move
struck lifeless

not from neglect,
but from the fact

a pair of aces
cannot save you
from ascending
to the sky

and I might not
have the chance
to say goodbye.


Poetry inspiration: The Sunday Whirl
bit, might, behind, spare, caress, sky,
save, expect, pair, struck, scarlet, first

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Filed under laurie kolp poetry, Life and Death, The Sunday Whirl

22 responses to “Blowing Kisses

  1. Beautiful, compassionate poem.

  2. The seeds of regret grow from such as this. There is a lot of wisdom in this work but few take it on board until too late and it’s message rued in retrospect.

  3. Love this. That is all.

  4. it is what you are doing…saying a long goodbye…showing your love even in a hard time…one of the hardest times…so know it is being said in your actions….

  5. Most important, you are there. xoxoxoxohugs

  6. Better to let those unimportant things fall behind than miss the chance to have your time together.

  7. Love your heartfelt poem. May you “have the chance to say goodbye.”

  8. I always look forward to your poetry posts. I savor them, reread them and keep them in my new mail for a week or more to revisit them. Thank you for enriching my life with words I can relate too and that move my soul or otherwise inspire me. Looking forward to what you have to say in 2014!

  9. Oh Laurie, this is gorgeous and painful. A beautiful write.

  10. Sometimes blown kisses are caught..maybe even the blushes fade and they spell out the words..and they are received..and understood

  11. Scary not to have the chance to say goodbye. Love the fresh images you’ve created here!

  12. I read this few times and each time the message seemed to get darker and sadder. The need to say goodbye may indicate that the relationship was not complete to the extent that words where no longer necessary and there was unspoken love that needed no more explanations. Even so the urge is still there to be there on parting with no regrets.

  13. I felt its poignancy, Laurie.

  14. It is definitely a heart-breaking time, Laurie, but a time you will never regret having been there for…….. I am glad that you all had this Christmas.

  15. Your presence says what words might not. This is poignant and filled with love,


  16. A poignant poem that brought tears to my eyes, Laurie. I am dealing with major health issues with my husband right now.


  17. This just cuts right through all the nonsense and goes straight to ones heart.

  18. Oh, my. This is gorgeous, Laurie. And I would never have known it was a Wordle, even though I wrote one. Seamless.

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