marching to the beat, his feet

marking double time, the line

a finely drawn side, his stride

built on measured swings, the chings

ahem… in sync with me…       (mostly)


Prompt Inspiration: dVersePoets Today we look back on the past 6 months of Meeting the Bar and Form For All. I’ve chosen to revisit Gay’s beat poetry series.


Good News Announcement:

The cover of my first poetry collection, Upon the Blue Couch, has just been revealed. For more information, please visit my author page at Winter Goose Publishing.


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29 responses to “Cadence

  1. Love this, Laurie – it’s got a real audience participation feel going with its strong rhythm and its memorable words.

  2. haha.. mostly in sync…. i don’t mind when things get a bit out of sync every once and a while… makes life more interesting…smiles

  3. The rhythm is great! Thanks for sharing.

  4. mostly…ha….hey if we can catch the beat and rhythm mostly that might be enough…and a few rare times when we really hit the harmony…not a bad thing at all…ha…def keeps it interesting as claudia said…

  5. I’ll have to try that beat poetry…you have it down, Laurie!

  6. Glenn Buttkus

    I remember when learning to march in boot camp, I had real difficulty staying in step; finally mastered it & became squad leader; your words returned me to the tarmac & the sounds of hundreds of feet in step.

  7. Love the beat here Laurie…. Just enough off-beat to make it good.

  8. your piece did have a nice beat

  9. Loved the beat and cadence in your poem. I’m going to have to check out Gay’s prompt…you inspired me. This made me want to get up and start marching :-)

  10. clever, catchy rhythm… You have the beat!

  11. Great rhythm in your poem, Laurie! I can hear you two march.

  12. Very nice thought-provoking piece, as usual. (: Congratulations on your cover reveal for the poetry collection with WGP. I am excited about this book! Can’t wait to sit on the blue couch and read your work.

  13. This sings and dances like an old Fred and ginger number, from the Golden Age of musicals. It really captures the mood and is very well crafted. Just putting on my Top Hat to join in.

  14. We wrote of the same theme and cadence ~ Love it Laurie ~

  15. Wonderful rhythm Laurie and how wonderful to be in sync (with the one you love) mostly…!
    Happy New Year!
    Anna :o]

  16. Mostly in sync – works for me!

  17. Put this to music and it will become a hopeless earworm for me–that is to say, you really got the beat, girl.

  18. Very cool…and in sync (mostly) is the way for me.

  19. Clear and catchy! Goes very well with marching music! Nicely Laurie!


  20. I really like the rhythm here, Laurie!

  21. …it is an upbeat poem…being in sync makes for happier days for sure…ususally it’s not the case for some of us..

  22. Perfect rhythm is boring, like a metronome. We need the little stumbles along the way, speeding up, slowing down, like a heartbeat. Great work!

  23. Good rhythm, succinct and effective. Bravo.

  24. This made me chuckle – I loved it!

  25. ds

    I like this! Great rhythm (mostly in sync…ha!) Thank you.

  26. I enjoyed reading this. Especially like the last line (can almost see the “wink” that goes with that “ahem.!”

  27. so long they sync we all go home smiling! :)

  28. Reminds me of my husband and myself dancing – he’s got rhythm through and through – I do the best I can and get better (or so I think ) if I have a glass (or two) of wine :)

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