Don’t You Think?


One of my dogs, Jake

Inside looking out
or outside looking in;
perspective perplexes
outsider within.
Within, outsider
perplexes perspective
in looking outside, or
out looking inside.


Prompt Inspiration: dVersePoetics

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29 responses to “Don’t You Think?

  1. nice.. it’s all about how we look at things…. about perspective… there were moments when i have felt like an outsider even though being inside… i like your dog…he’s cute…

  2. ha. you have created a neat little tongue twister there to get us thinking…i think pups wants in…smiles…perspective changes everything you know…no matter which side of the glass you find yourself on…

  3. I think we have all felt like an outsider looking in sometimes, as well as known the feeling of looking out! I like your photo, Laurie.

  4. K. A. Brace

    I think we had the same thought Laurie. Very nice. >KB

  5. excellent, within and without, inside and out. i love this and the feel of the soul.

  6. Glenn Buttkus

    Perspective, part of our filters, that which chips away at our attempts at communication, disrupts our listening skills, paints/taints our views; & metaphysically we are always reminded that happiness is an inside job, that peering within is a healthy pursuit; nice job on the prompt.

  7. I love how you play with words and a small alteration brings about new meaning. Your backyard looks very inviting, Laurie!

  8. Inside, outside, sometimes it is hard to know? These things can be confusing.

  9. It all depends on one’s perspective Laurie ~ Amazing word play, dear ~

  10. Great piece…quite the tongue twister…but man…let the dog in!

  11. yes, tongue twisting, but lovely… I def know that feeling of looking out/in… depending on the situation I’ve been happy with both in my life…

  12. Perspective shifts.. Soon it’s hard to judge.

  13. Yes, one can have it both ways seeing it from inside or seeing it outside. Wonder what the dog is thinking about. Nicely Laurie!


  14. The dog is definitely outside wishing to be in:)

  15. Brilliant simply – loves the words at play, so effectively.

  16. loved the theme .. perspectives and vision depends on where you are standing at the time… I had to smile at the picture … the stoic patience of a waiting dog… much like my Buster… :)

  17. I love that dog. I bet your windows are like mine…dog slobber on both sides all the time!

  18. View for thought. Well done.

  19. Quite an interesting format, how last four lines are the reverse of the first four, yet make perfect sense. How well thought out your words were, to get them to fall this way! BTW, I love that face you are seeing outside your window!

  20. I love this take on perspective.

  21. I love this poem and picture. I have 3 Golden’s who love to look at me through the window whether I’m outside or inside. It’s all about perspective :-) Thank you for sharing this! Really like the reverse twist at the end.

  22. Awwwee…he’s sweet…and the verse is poignant for it’s message and perspective..

  23. clever tongue twister, Laurie – and loved the photo! K

  24. Brief and to the point…definitely gave me something to contemplate…

  25. ds

    Nice little mind-twister perplexer perplexes and now I’m perplexed by perspective… ;-) Thank you!

  26. Like this tongue twister Laurie, well done! :-) Reminds me of our dogs, “I want out! OUT” and in minutes, “Let me in! IN!”

  27. So very true…love the style of this piece too!

  28. multi – sided perceptions – cool wordplay!

  29. Profound and confound! Excellent.

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