When Hugging Trees

Photo by L. Kolp

Photo by L. Kolp

don’t conjure up pine needles,
a nest of trinkets that cloud the soul
and poke skin needlessly
over and over again, rather

twine twigs through arms of neglect
carry tender spirits that bend and curl
back to you compassion, a forest sigh
capped with love


Poetry inspiration:
dVersePoets~Poetics: Under the Canopy
The Sunday Whirl 144~ twine, conjure, nest, carry, spirits, bend, through, curl, trinkets, neglect, cap, back, sigh

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48 responses to “When Hugging Trees

  1. a forest sigh capped with love i love

  2. this is really lovely, Laurie.

  3. Love the end and the wonderful alliteration… in all a lovely poem :-)

  4. “a forest sigh capped with love”
    yes, yes, and again yes.

  5. the second part of this is sigh worthy…yes…instead of being prickly let it lead you back to compassion…first line of the second stanza is money in sound…

    hang in there.

  6. I love those tender spirits that bend and curl!! Reminds me of tree saplings. Enjoyed.

  7. I enjoyed your call to compassion through the imagery of trees. Trees can indeed feel like a safe protection.

  8. the poem leaves me feeling like I am missing something, not so much as a loss, but in a wistful, melancholy way. thanks Laurie for including the word list from the Whirl. I may even get inspired.

  9. a forest sigh
    capped with love…. made me sigh as well… a tender curling spirit…so much better than prickly needles…

  10. I too loved- ‘a forest sigh capped with love’. :-)

  11. I enjoy your poem. I appreciate that you used the word compassion in regards to trees. Intersting insight.

  12. I love that ending Laurie, sighs ~

  13. “a forest sigh, capped with love….” oh how lovely! My fave tree poem so far!

  14. beautiful poem and I love the ending…and the beginning too.

  15. Truly beautiful from beginning to end :)

  16. Wow, you rocked the word list, & the Poetics prompts. Living among some of the thickest forests on earth here in the WA state NW, I come from a long line of tree huggers, so I your symbolism resonates with my sappy nature; thanks.

  17. Nice. i really like that last line.

  18. hypercryptical

    Beautiful – just perfect!
    Anna :o]

  19. …tender & lovely—this is an excellent write, Laurie… smiles…

  20. Sensitive and well written Laurie

  21. a forest sigh capped with love *wow*

  22. Forest sighs – beautiful just captures the essence of life

  23. Brendan

    So it isn’t what we wish on Christmas trees but what we give back that sighs the forest. Yes.

  24. There is great beauty here in. Your poem is especially lovely.

  25. You took me from feeling physical tension of the pine needles poking me, to my shoulders releasing that tension and a ” sigh capped with love”! Lovely combination of the prompts!

  26. the ending made my own heart sigh..simply beautiful

  27. I, like many before me, had to sigh at the beauty in “forest sigh capped with love.” I’m really impressed that you did the Sunday Whirl in combo with the dVerse prompt…they worked perfectly together!

  28. yes underneath the bark and the pine needles is warmth and a hug..hugs you have to work a little for always mean more

  29. the forest fills me… thanks for bringing it to my living room, Laurie!

  30. ds

    Love that final line. Just beautiful. Thank you.

  31. Such a tender love song to the forest! Beautiful!

  32. I love the scent of the pine forest and the memories of a time lost that are recalled whispering in the trees.

  33. carry tender spirits that bend and curl

    …love these words. Beautiful piece.

  34. This is my second shot at trying to comment on your poem…not sure why your blog wouldn’t accept my last comment which basically just said how much I like your poems about nature, and this one is no exception…


  35. poetrypea

    This just has love running through it.

  36. Lovely write. I like tender spirits that twist and curl.

  37. do like the sound in this…

  38. Lovely overall. Everything must be capped with love. You’ve done that well in this one.

  39. forest sigh – can hear that through your words.

  40. Laurie, the way you used these words and tied them into the tree amazes me. Just beautiful.

  41. I like how you played and had fun with this – laughter, and then deep – in such a short span. Very nice.

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