I Wouldn’t Trade It for the World

juggling duties in this life that I sustain
as mother, daughter, wife and nurse-like maid

leaves strands of me upon the quilted bed
finding time to write, a pillow head

sent to another country in my brain
stored for further use when plans don’t change

so fast I need to rush to your bedside
facilitate this aspect of demise,

but then I wouldn’t trade the world
for an embrace as each new day unfurls

with you alive, a state of bliss
in this busy life I’d never miss


Poetry inspiration:
dVersePoets~Poetics (On the other hand)
The Sunday Whirl~ country, facilitate, aspect, sent, strands, state, sustain, write, time, plans, embrace, juggling

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44 responses to “I Wouldn’t Trade It for the World

  1. Laurie, I think I understand your feelings here. It is a very hard time for you as you juggle all of the roles you have ‘on your plate.’ But, on the other hand, there are the rewards you are experiencing as you go through this difficult time with your mother & though heart-breaking, I can read in your poem your thankfulness for this time you have together.

  2. Very poignant poem, Laurie! The time spent with your mom is precious I can see why you would not want to miss it however hard it must be at times.

  3. i can imagine how difficult it is to juggle all the responsibilities and care for your mom and also what blessing it is that you can be there for her and share those precious moments….hugs and strength your way laurie

  4. a life like you have has so many hardships I can never imagine… on the other hand the precious time you have together… my thoughts are with you..

  5. of all i think you are caught in this place of understanding both sides of the coin…of knowing the beauty of every moment you have with your mom, but how hard it is on you and your family as well…oy laurie…keep you in my thoughts often…

  6. Tender and intimate, Laurie

  7. I’m sure you juggle the “one the other hand” thoughts daily; in the middle of caregiver chores myself with my younger brother, recooping from heart surgery, and tedious & invasive & all encompassing as helping him is, I’ve never felt closer to him, and that is golden.

  8. Such a gentle and reflective piece, and as difficult as it can be to care for another it is the most meaningful thing we can do in this life.

  9. I’ve been a caregiver. Very nicely done. Thank you.

  10. Brendan

    The paradox of grace is that it comes where we least expect it. Happiness, as its said, isn’t getting what we want, it’s wanting we we got. This poem rounds there nicely.

  11. peggygoetz

    Truly beautiful, Laurie. You grabbed me with the strands of you left on the bed! Blessings to you during a difficult time.

  12. Life is a balancing act. Your Motherly words do well to remind us that we all have a part to play.
    David. L

  13. Very well put. True, being with loved ones certainly makes up for our frantic lives… After all, what would we tell them if we did nothing else?

  14. You take responsibility, sadness, hard work, pain, stress … and all of the goodness and create great beauty, that would not “be” if one of these things were missing.

  15. Some sacrifices are well worth it!

  16. all roles into one. a noble feat.

  17. Laurie – I too am in this place and feel that shreds are peeled from me ~ it is a love for our parents and the demands of our own lives that can tear us in two. This is beautifully penned, expressing the ‘torn’ you and I hope that your mum is doing okay.

  18. I liked this a lot Laurie, having cared for my father I know the up and down sides of caring for an aging parent. Well done.

  19. Just one embrace can change everything, that touch of love. Excellent and heart loving poem

  20. Though it all sems difficult, now. It will all be over, way too soon. It all passes too quickly. I remember the days of my Mom’s passing, each one so long, endless, and yet when it was over, it was over. Time stopped, it was as if nothing was left. Something of myself, gone forever. I miss her each day.

  21. Ah Laurie – the gentle almost nursery lightness of the rhyme ‘gentles’ the starkness of all that you are juggling now and presents those contrasts beautifully and brilliantly – Bravo!

  22. Laurie, this is so beautiful. So many people depending on you and you find gratitude – you are an inspiration!

  23. Yes, yes, yes. Thank you for sharing the blessed journey in poetry, fragments and all.

  24. Painful though it may be life sometimes establishes a new pattern which we never imagined there could be any comfort in..but as you touchingly write..the presence of someone you love is worth everything

  25. Super human. In all senses. k.

  26. Mom lives with us now–she’s 80 and healthy. I’m not ready for this, but when the day comes, I will recall your beautiful words. Well done, Laurie. (in more ways than one.)

  27. Such a fine write about being……beautiful…..touching..

  28. I am in this same place, Laurie, and this spoke to my heart.

  29. Hi there Laurie,

    Feels like a long time since I’ve been here – “strands of me upon the quilted bed…”How lovely is that…. With Best Wishes Scott wwww.scotthastie.com

  30. I think this piece resonates with all of us who are trying to juggle too many things…yet thankful for the opportunity to try. Remember to take care of yourself.

    Thanks for stopping by…

  31. This is a poem I can completely relate to, Laurie. Best wishes and hugs.


  32. Life is a hard balancing act but, you seem to have found “true” beauty
    in enjoying precious moments during difficult times.

  33. This time will prove very precious, Laurie.

  34. I agree with this. I wouldn’t trade it either!

  35. So glad that within all that juggling you have those pillow headed moments to write what touch us all, make us aware, even stop and think,



  36. Sometimes it is when we give the most that we get the most.

  37. So true. So poignant. The true value of things is intangible.

  38. It is such a blessing and an assurance that there is someone dear waiting. One can always look forward for something good to be shared! Nicely Laurie!


  39. Curiously writers & poets bear this burden in an unique way because we are able to write about it and do so. We can write about our loved ones and the love we have shared. This is a gift and of immense value in being able to say goodbye.

  40. There is true beauty and love in this, Laurie.

  41. There’s true wisdom in appreciating everything you’ve been given. Great poem.

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