College Days

They used to say
Highway 21 goes two ways- -
Austin <- -> College Station,
but to me they served each other well.

Driving back and forth on weekends
became the norm, 6th Street
more my style for Friday night
than The Chicken
the path between the two,
a mindless pass- -
all I’d see were cows and clouds
between stopping points for beer.

Once I was pulled over
for trailing a line
of speeders.
By the time the cop reached me,
all I had to do was point to a rainbow
he agreed- -
it was much too pretty
not to notice.
Then he let me go.

Prompt Inspiration: dVersePoets- Poetics: Rhythm of the Road



My first poetry book has just been released!

My first poetry book has just been released!

Click on pic, if you’d like.

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27 responses to “College Days

  1. Glenn Buttkus

    Yes, visiting TX often to see my in-laws, your road poem resonates well with me. Melva went to Sam Houston State, but we have traveled those lovely blue highways often; really blue today thanks to the plethora of blue bonnets along the roads; liked your sharing.

  2. Glenn Buttkus

    My goodness, what a privilege to be # ONE.

  3. K. A. Brace

    Great story Laurie. >KB

  4. Well, what a wonderful policeman, to go with the rainbow :)

  5. You make the daily commute much more interesting. And how cool is it that you were saved by a rainbow!

  6. Ha, getting by for pointing at the rainbow.. That’s a poet’s license…

  7. Love this, you left me with a smile.

    And congrats on the book!!

  8. ha. i am totaly using that line next time i get pulled over…i just hope there is a rainbow to point to…lol…there are def roads like this that i have driven enough i know them without looking…the curves…when i used to run home to see my wife while working away…i got to know them well…

  9. Well, I’m gonna draw a rainbow on the windshield if I ever get pulled over… smiles

  10. I enjoyed your youthful memories in this poem – a fun journey.

  11. You are lucky lady ~ And congrats on the publication ~

  12. Is that rainbow ending true? THAT is how you got out of a speeding ticket?!! That’s an original one.

  13. rainbows should always trump tickets, well most of the time…congrats on the book.

  14. Good thing you were last! Fun.

  15. funny what we can remember

  16. What a fantastic poem! I love how the rainbow saved the day. :)

  17. Lovely story and congrats on the book :)

  18. Firstly – congratulations on your book! :-D

    Secondly – rainbows are magical aren’t they? LOVE this! I remember the road between university and home – and a time when I got stopped (and got off too!)…great road trip down memory lane.

  19. No one can get away from looking at the lovely rainbow it is always a fantasy come true no matter how many times u have come to see it

  20. Such a sweet story telling – I can’t remember a cop sensitive enough to see the beauty of a rainbow. Sounds lovely.

  21. College Station to Austin? Sounds traitorous to me. But what a dreamy trip you’ve taken me on, Laurie!

  22. CC Champagne

    I really enjoyed the idea that pointing to a rainbow would make a policeman tear up a speeding ticket. So much nostalgia and beauty in this. *deep happy sigh*

  23. That was a special experience–to share a rainbow with a cop! Made me happy and probably did the same for him. I once got out of a ticket when the officer saw my nursing documentation on the front seat (I was working in the field) and he let me off because his girlfriend was a home care nurse! You never know.

  24. This left me with a big smile. Loved this.

  25. First, congrats on your book! Second, a wonderful sense of that particular road and life. (My brother is a professor at A & M.) Thankfully, the police can sometimes be nice. (My sense is that your looks were as much a part of it as the rainbow.) Take care, k.

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