Written on the blackbird’s wings,
etched within its eyes: life

that in a broken moment rings
darkness, veil of night.

Arise, thy soul, fly free,
arise among the dead.

Fear not the light you see,
embrace the warmth instead.


Poetry inspiration:
The Sunday Whirl~ blackbird, night, broken, wings, life, moment,
arise, eyes, free, light, see, dead

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24 responses to “Blackbird

  1. great opening stanza laurie,
    and i like the uplifting message in this as well
    to find your wings again…

  2. rmp

    lovely. I like the opening stanza, but the final message is perfect.

  3. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

  4. Full of hope, paints the blackbird in a much better light than most!

  5. CC Champagne

    Ohhhh… Loved this! As usually can’t really say why, but I really liked the flow of it! *smile*

  6. Yes, this is a hopeful poem. Let’s all try to embrace the warmth.

  7. So good to go from darkness to hope.. and yes I agree .. that first stanza is mindblowing…

  8. nan

    The first stanza is, as others have written, impeccable! I appreciate the hope in this piece.

  9. I love this, Laurie. Especially the final line.

  10. What a perfect flight path this poem took..the idea of seeing the sun as both warmth and light is very comforting..i think your affinity with birds shines through

  11. I love the last stanza. From the veil of night, we could fear the light.

  12. Here I go again, telling someone I wish I had written that, but it’s true..especially the opening line.;)

  13. This is so beautiful, Laurie! The last two lines are wonderfully wise.

  14. Embracing the warmth in this for sure. Wonderful!

  15. magicalmysticalteacher

    Why is it, I wonder, that so many of us DO fear the light?

  16. Really well written with a striking opening and a thoughtful conclusion,


  17. Laurie this is really, really beautiful, succinctly says all that’s possible. I love it.

  18. Lovely rhythm to this, Laurie. It reads beautifully.


  19. Gorgeous rhythm and rhyme here, Laurie!

  20. And I second that. delightful.

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