“Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life.”
~Jean Paul


We all see the same moon
in the same night,
a center point of light
in a mixed-up life.

The same music shines
through ears of what we hear- -
the same notes, the same song.

A girl next door dwells in pity
listening over and over again
to the same notes, the same song
squeezing tears, a drip in wine
ruing over all the lovers
she’s lost in time

as someone else across the way
dances in her room
over and over again
to the same notes, the same song
fast, fast, faster,
“gotta burn more calories,
show everyone else
something other than
the (same) way I always feel.”

We all see the same moon
in the same night,
a center point of light
in a mixed-up life.

Poetic Inspiration: dVersePoetics~It’s Quotable

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26 responses to “Interpretation

  1. Yes, Laurie, we all do see the same moon….and the moon sees us as well. I always wonder, as I look at the moon, who else is looking at the moon at the same time as I do….and sometimes I fantasize about those people and wonder if they are thinking about the same thing as me. It definitely is a center point of life.

  2. the same moon shines on all of us…and yet our lives are at such different places…and we have to remember that as we interact with each other…and we all see that same moon in a different light based on the lens of our lives…

  3. A great take on perception. I have the misfortune of being so prone to earworms–the same tune playing in my head. It’s important to be selective when we listen to music and when we look at the moon!

  4. I love the juxtaposition of all seeing the same moon and the different responses to life of the people in the poem.

  5. The same moon shines on so many different humans, so many different lives. I like this a lot. It is full of emotion.

  6. it is about point of view… so love the moon

  7. Touche! Such a great piece – smiles. I am in love with the thought.

  8. You expressed the richness and diversity in people’s experiences in beautiful words.

  9. rmp

    I suppose it all really does depend on what we see and hear with. In the end it is about more than our eyes and ears, but what is in our minds and our hearts. We all see through our own special shade of glasses and earbuds. nicely written!

  10. The same moon, different interpretations and reactions ~ I guess our personal experiences color our world around us ~ Hugs Laurie ~

  11. Glenn Buttkus

    Remember, “Damn foolishness for some people, is the breath of life for others.” Our perceptual filters are gifts from the Universe, so that our abodes & minds will not all be made of ticky-tacky & all be/look the same. Music goes beyond language. It did not lose its charm, its magic in Babel, when the tongues became foreign languages, when we ceased to easily understand each other; nice piece, Laurie; stuck a coin in me.

  12. The sense of togetherness in solitude.. much more so, with a moon hanging there… shared by many enjoyed by many…

  13. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade)

    I like your refrains and the way you bring it back to the central point (in more ways than one).

  14. It’s all in the interpetation, indeed.
    I like the reiteration of the beginning at the end of your poem, but wonder if you might consider changing a word or two, to make the message even more memorable. Or change the word order slightly. What if you switched night and light around? or maybe the line order: 1, 4, 2, 3.

  15. The same moon…different lives and destinies. Lovely write, Laurie.

  16. A wonderful poem full of truth. We all see things differently in this mixed up life. Lovely write!

  17. So true..each sees the same moon in their own way and it is perfect for them…very nice Laurie

  18. This is really touching, a variety personal experiences beneath the same moon.

  19. I agree that we all see the same moon, but we all own different filters through which we look. The moon doesn’t change so much as our angle of it does. And yes, we all hear the same notes of music, but may only dance with the ability given. I do like your contemplative piece, it made me both think and remember,


  20. i like the images you have painted and the repetition of lines…the moon does tie us with everyone present, past and future…isn’t it a joy to think that even Jesus or the Buddha looked at the same moon?

  21. the moon sees many things… and one song can mean so many different things to different people…

  22. That same moon shows us the shadows where love is hidden. And where it goes to die. I love the tie-in with the opening/closing stanza. There is much power at play and much to ponder, Laurie!

  23. Beautiful… A little piece of truth we can all hang on to in this mixed up crazy life.

  24. Nice beginning and wrapping it all up – well crafted

  25. Wow–so interesting how differently people respond to the same stimuli–in the same way that they respond so differently to the moon itself–very interesting poem, Laurie, thanks. k.

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