Lunch Break

Pigeons flutter at my feet,
their squeak
a laugh between them,
something which
carries over to me
as you can see
by the smile on my face.

Others in the park
treat me like a bird
psychic, their eyes
so wide you’d think
I was stuck in a meeting
with them:

Excuse me Miss P,
I need the report
pronto… didn’t Mr. P
survey the effects
of migration
from the north
on keeping a mate?

But really, I’m just
sitting still on this bench
enjoying the spring day
while you eat lunch.


Poetic Inspiration~ The Sunday Whirl: pigeons, mate, flutter, stuck, laugh, smile, face, report, survey, need, meeting, north, treat, squeak

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15 responses to “Lunch Break

  1. ha. we have a bird woman here….seriously they flock around her….and she cares for them…glad you got to enjoy your lunch in the sun…

  2. Hi Laurie, you have set the scene well. It really is pretty cool to sit and watch pigeons, I think. Especially when accompanied by lunch. Smiles.

  3. Some of us interact well with nature, others find it an impediment on their way to global disaster. Let’s hope sanity prevails.

  4. Enjoyed the read and your vivid park scene. I could even feel the breeze.

  5. What a fine place that is to sit and smile at what is..sometimes we need that little break in our heads..

  6. I enjoyed sitting there with you!

  7. when we were in Italy there was an old lady sitting on a bench feeding the pigeons breadcrumbs. This poem reminded me of that day.

  8. Well developed scene and I especially liked the conversation. It is definitely something I would do,


  9. So nice to sit and watch the birds.. but I guess today that would be seen as weird.. but after lunch that report is due…

  10. You paint a picture/story vividly and tenderly. I like the poem. Somehow it made me remember the bird woman in Mary Poppins.

  11. Yes, we do our own thing. We enjoy our time alone and perhaps get lots of inspiration while at it! Nicely Laurie!


  12. Love it very much! Especially the laugh carrying to you from pigeons.

  13. Reminds me of an old photo I had, I’ve lost, I wonder where it is?

  14. magicalmysticalteacher

    I really like the assonance of “bench” and “lunch” in the final stanza.

    Wordle Grotesqueries

  15. Love this scenic poem, Laurie.


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